Soup for the Torwar Reception Point

Ladies and Gentlemen,


Today we are launching a new project in cooperation with : Soup for the Torwar Reception Point.

Mazovian Voivodship Office has opened a new reception point at the Torwar Sports Centre.

Our task is to supply a warm and nutricious meal for refugees visiting the centre. We have pledged to provide 50 meals a day in three options: tomato soup, tripe soup (both 350 ml plus 100g meat) and vege broth, with three slices of white or brown bread to accompany each soup.

We have opened a dedicated sub-account:

Name: Fundacja Mamy i Taty

IBAN: PL 34 2490 0005 0000 4600 7882 3469
Bank: Alior Bank

Transfer title: Działalność statutowa. Zupa dla Torwaru.


All our activities are transparent. All the money will be used to buy ingredients. The Foundation team will work pro-bono.

We encourage everyone to support the project. We invite food companies to join us. We know children can be picky even when hungry.

By March 5th we want to complete the preparation stage, to be able to start providing help to those who need it.



Marek Grabowski